19th International Conference on Plasma Surface Engineering

SEPTEMBER 2 – 5, 2024

Conference Topics PSE2024

1 Plasma and ion sources

a) Low pressure plasmas and ion beams

b) Atmospheric pressure plasmas

c) Plasma volume processes

d) Plasma in liquids

e) Particles and powders in plasmas

2 Process technologies

a) Plasma treatment, cleaning and etching

b) Plasma diffusion technologies

c) Physical vapor deposition

d) Plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition

e) Atomic layer deposition and etching 

f) Other plasma-based surface process technologies

3 Properties and applications

a) Protective and tribological surfaces

b) Optical, electronic and magnetic coatings

c) Biomedical and agriculture applications

d) Batteries and green hydrogen

e) Gas conversion processes

f) Environmental applications

4 Characterization and simulation

a) Modelling of film  growth, structure and properties

b) Modelling and simulation of plasma processes

c) Plasma and process diagnostics

d) Analytics of film structures and properties

e) Artificial intelligence and predictive modelling

5 Industrial Workshop

Plasma Surface Engineering enabling Sustainability

6 Trend Topic Workshop

Hydrogen Technologies